l'avenir proche

shit music.


cover title date venue link comment download other
Pioneer 10 2023/11/26 BOF:NT [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : NT -Twinkle Dream Traveler-] i need to make a song for JUICE at some point too Google Drive
subglacial flux 2023/11/26 BOF:NT [THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : NT -Twinkle Dream Traveler-] the spiritual sequel to flow; i gotta bug someone to make charts for this at some point such wasted potential Google Drive
red queen 2023/06/09 MUMEI Academy 2023 Class C harvestella is my personal goty of 2022. Google Drive
cetacean 2022/10/23 THE BMS OF FIGHTERS : ET -Summer Dream Traveler- i think whales are really neat. Google Drive
FINGER FOOD 2022/05/31 MUMEI Academy 2022 Class C iirc i was having trouble coming up with a name for this and someone told me to go with finger food. worked out p well imo. Google Drive
FLOW 2021/11/07 THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVII - VISION THE RETRO FUTURE - honestly? i have no idea why this was as successful as it was. aint complainin tho Dropbox
Meltdown 2021/05/20 MUMEI Academy 2021 Class B i listened to way too much zekk while making this Google Drive
SHOWDOWN AT HIGH NUWUN 2021/01/31 第三回BMS衆議院選 a fake western shootout by a fake westerner. had extreme amounts of fun making this. big thanks to dandeless for the WESTERN党 team Dropbox
コンペイト 2020/11/21 THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVI -NEO DYSTOPIA- looking back, this is legit a lot better than all the future core ive made since lol wtf i really peaked this early Google Drive
kawaii-catgirl-gif.png 2020/10/28 THE BMS OF FIGHTERS XVI -NEO DYSTOPIA- inexplicably my single most popular song. also my worst, in my opinion Google Drive
turn it back 2020/06/07 第17回 自称無名BMS作家が物申す! the first one. i was originally intending to use a different song for this, but last minute i decided to switch. think it was a bad idea. also very glad i got to participate in mumei right before it became mumei academy. Google Drive